30 Cute And Creative Ideas To Announce Pregnancy

Check out different ways to report your pregnancy to friends and family with simplicity and delicacy

Pregnancy without doubt is one of the most important moments in the life of a woman. Although the idea of having a son not be the dream of all women, this period is heavily involved in an emotional and delicate aspect, anyway from this moment the woman passes the load and be responsible for another life.

The discovery and the announcement of the pregnancy for Dad, family and friends is the first step to celebrate the new life that is coming, so it should be special.

With creativity and affection you can perfect the ideas and make the announcement of your pregnancy unforgettable for you and your loved ones. Fun pictures, cards, copies of the pregnancy test. No matter the form, it is important to record this moment so special and unique.

Check out 30 legal and creative ideas to announce your pregnancy to people you like and save this moment the way he deserves.

  1. Distributing The Ultrasound: the saying goes that a picture is worth a 1000 words, so nothing better than the first photo of your baby to announce the arrival of a new life. Gift your friends and family with copies of the ultrasound is one of the simplest ways and clear to disclose all the news.

To make the moment even more special, invest in a nice envelope and create a bit of suspense before you open the same, with curiosity whetted by the surprise will be even bigger!

  1. Father’s Day Card: break the news to your husband deserves a special idea, a way to announce your pregnancy is present him with a father’s Day card, plus the option to purchase the card, you can produce it, giving a personal touch to the gift. To deliver the card to let him understand the news alone, if possible, record the time and the reaction of the future dad.
  1. Countdown: again, the announcement is made through images. Count the days until the birth is a simple idea and easy to play. The countdown can be made in different ways: a calendar to count (from 1 to 40, according to the gestational weeks), platelets with the number of weeks remaining, as you see fit, the important thing is to create, share and/or photograph the object count and count along with family and friends.
  1. T-Shirts: stamping t-shirts with any phrase or drawing funny, is also a simple way to announce your pregnancy. The piece can serve as a gift for the future dad, Grandpa or Grandma, as uniform for the family count (player 1, Player 2 and player 3), may contain the expected date of the birth or phrases like “soon”, “we are hungry”, “loading” and other fun and cute ideas.
  2. Mathematical Equation: photographing the couple and their children (if not the first) with numbered plates forming a mathematical equation that the end results in a number more than the actual sum of the people present in the photo is a subtle and fun way of spreading a new Member in the family. In addition to serving as a record, the photo is a great way to tell people closer to the news.
  1. Shoes: a common visual representation of pregnancy are the little baby shoes. Alone or combined with the parents ‘ feet, always generate pictures, delicate and graceful. To renew the idea, invest in colorful shoes or that are equal for all family members.
  1. Photo Surprise: with the fever of selfies register daily times is a habit shared by many. A creative way to announce your pregnancy to your husband is asking him for a picture and, instead of saying “cheese”, say “I’m pregnant”, in addition to simple and easy the idea enables you to register your husband’s reaction and future dad. The same can be done with the other family members in a collective photo.
  1. Cups: another photo that can represent the arrival of a baby is to combine two cups and a bottle or two big cups and a small. The idea beyond simple, it’s super cute and easy to play, simply choose the glasses or cups, position them and photograph. To tell your friends and family just make copies and share the photo.
  1. Empty Chair: register an empty space in the family photos is a great way to promote the newest life.In addition to the empty chair to represent the lack of one of the members, the picture can get more evidence to add about the empty place the date of birth or how long before the arrival of the little which will occupy this place.
  1. Save The Date: pictures registering somehow the expected date for the birth of your baby, may be a way to tell the family and involve them in expectation of the arrival of the new Member. In addition, are a great keepsake for the couple and for her own son.
  1. Balloons: another way to announce your pregnancy is to make the use of elements related to the children’s universe. One of these elements are the balloons. You can either write to the bottom of the balloons some phrase related to pregnancy and the expected date for the birth, using the blue and pink colors to stir doubt about the sex of the baby and subtly break the news to everyone.
  1. Hidden In Food: one of the more creative ideas to announce your pregnancy to dad is hiding that message on food. There are differences in options for it: it is possible to write on the plate (or Cup, glass, etc.) in order to stay hidden for the food, place the message on cutlery requiring close attention on the part of man or write directly on food. Another alternative is also inserting the message in a fortune cookie.

This idea can also be used to spread the news to other members of the family or circle of friends, just invite them to eat at your House and hide the message in each meal.

  1. Crazy Mixture Of Flavors: a characteristics of pregnancy is the possibility of peculiar cravings, illustrate this situation a photo is a fairly simple and creative way to announce your pregnancy to others. Add dishes that tend not to be served together, take a picture and share it your friends and family, you can take that they understand the message, but as soon as they find will be joy.
  2. Count Cards: when using count cards of family members you can disseminate pregnancy through a delicate picture. The idea is easy to be reproduced, just write in some media (painting, paper) the order of the children and the latter must represent the newest member of the family, being positioned ahead of the belly of the mother.
  1. Use Social Networks To Your Favor: with the great popularity of social networks (Facebook, What’s app, etc.) it is possible to use them as a way to announce your pregnancy to distant relatives and friends or even a modern form and practice of reporting on all (both people close like people who live far away).

Using the creativity you can produce a poster, a video, a photo or a text to convey somehow novelty and share it online via any social network.

  1. The News In The Hands Of Brother: if not the your first child, a nice idea is to let the brother (or brothers) older give the news, either talking or through pictures. The idea is to make the ad more simple, because it is done by a child, in addition to establishing a good relationship between the older brother with the arrival of a new baby. Do the older son feel important and part of this new phase is the first step to avoid the possibility of jealousy or feelings of exclusion.
  1. “Big Brother”: even in the case of couples who have already had children you can enlist the help of elder to announce the pregnancy, using cards that indicate the arrival of little brother. May contain phrases such as “brother”, “the older sister” or show that the younger brother became the Middle brother. The advantages of the idea is your simplicity and spontaneity of children.
  1. “Every Superhero Needs A Partner”: following the line of advertising with the help of the brothers, parents who already have a child can use the phrase “every superhero needs a partner” to demonstrate the arrival of new life. Besides being a cool idea, help a brother or sister to assimilate and cope better with the coming of the baby.
  1. Funny Pictures: register the fright of the Dad or the continuous growth of the stomach are some fun ways to keep memories of pregnancy. The idea of photographing funny moments and share these photos with family and friends is a very cool way to tell them about your pregnancy and convey your happiness for all.
  1. New Titles: with pregnancy family members gain new titles: the husband becomes a father, his wife becomes a mother, mother-in-law becomes grandmother and so on. An idea to tell everyone about your pregnancy is to highlight these new roles conquered. This can be done on t-shirts, mugs, cards, paintings, among other things. No matter the medium, what matters is the happiness that comes attached to this new title.
  2. Visual Metaphors: use other elements to represent family members and expecting a baby is a delicate way of saying “I’m pregnant”. In addition to enchant those who are receiving the news, the idea can yield pictures to fill the eyes to keep as a souvenir.

The idea is to think of elements that relate to the development and size of the baby (bun in the oven, pea representing the size of the life on the way), with the idea of pregnancy (when it is possible to add a thumbnail of the chosen element within a larger, representing the life loaded by the mother) or concerning itself baby (baby bottles, pacifiers, books on pregnancy).

  1. Clothes Clothesline: represent the arrival of a baby through clothes and shoes is quite common, to renew this idea it is possible to combine the baby clothes with clothes of the parents and create a clothesline with clothes of all members of the family. Another idea is to invest in custom shirts.
  1. “Loading”: the term “loading” is a great way to illustrate the wait. It can be added in platelets for pictures, on t-shirts or writings on his own belly. The result is quite amusing and the idea can be easily reproduced.
  1. Timeline: photographing the family time is a simple way to register your wait. The picture of the timeline can contain only the year of birth of each family member and a visual representation of the same (the feet, for example) or with the parents and siblings holding banners with your respective year and the mother holding a plate with the year of birth of the future baby in front of your belly.
  1. Hidden Camera: no doubt spontaneity is the word that defines this idea. Hide a camera and shoot the future father and future grandparents, uncles and older brothers is a very special way to save this time, in addition to render a lot of laughs and excitement for viewers.
  1. Watchdog: use your pet to announce the pregnancy is also a great idea, he somehow has already become part of the family and, with the arrival of a baby, going on to occupy the “cargo” of guard dog or big brother. The result of the photos is fun and unique, since the expressions of dogs are unpredictable.
  1. Pink Or Blue: along with the announcement of the pregnancy comes the famous question: is it a boy or a girl? Use this color reference, since it is related to the sex of the baby for a Convention, and the typical curiosity that accompanies the first few months of pregnancy is a simple and subtle alternative to publicize expecting a baby.

You can use the colors in balloons, decorations for cakes, biscuits and other treats, among other ideas.For couples who have two children, a boy and a boy, an idea is to invest in the “tiebreaker” in the family.Just use the creativity and choose where to use the colors and how to use this tradition to your favor.

  1. Eating For Two: another way to communicate your friends and your family is using the idea that pregnant women eat for two people. It is possible to take fun pictures with the phrase “eating for two”, customize a t-shirt with the words or create that scene literally and register it in a photo.
  1. The Size Of A Pea: a creative way to tell your husband to the pregnancy news is saying that you will prepare a “special dinner” for him and serve him with just a pea. Surely he will be confused by the situation and will ask you why only peas, so you can say that it represents the current size of the son.Subtlety and creativity in an idea!

The food chosen depends on the number of weeks of pregnancy. With 5 weeks you can use a sesame, with 6 1 grain of lentils and so on. The pea corresponds to a 7 weeks gestation.

  1. Baby On Board: as with other ideas, that is a phrase that can be used the way you prefer: on t-shirts, greeting cards, signs, among other things. “Baby on board” is a great option for those who prefer to cut to the Chase. With creativity you can create cool photos and surprise those who are getting the news in a simple and objective.

No matter what your favorite idea, the important thing is to inspire in the above tips, abuse of creativity and make this moment which is so important even more special for you and the people you love most!