Because I’m Disorganized?

Today I woke up in a rainy Monday and full of work to be done, but instead of grimacing and blurt out a curse, I thanked God for the delicious details of my life. One of them is to be able to work from home while this little rain knocks at the window. I realized also that maybe my mood hadn’t been the same if I had woken up in a messy room and found my desktop (where I write now) in the same situation. This was the only task that I performed on Sunday: prepare the environment for the Monday morning. Continue reading

Retrospective: the Best of the Videos Have Fun Organizing on Youtube

The year ended and a new one has begun with fresh posts and videos, but I know many of you are new here and didn’t see anything that appeared in the blog and in the channel. In fact, If you haven’t registered on our Youtube Channel, also didn’t see much that happened there! But don’t worry, the retrospective of all videos, decoration and step-by-step of have fun organizing is here to show you the way. Continue reading

Washing Kitchen Sponge in Dishwasher

Kitchen sponge is one of those items that are used frequently in the kitchen. Maybe we just pay attention to it when it disappears. On this page, there are some useful tips about how to care and use sponge.

How to make the sponge last longer

Do you know that the kitchen sink has more germs than the bathroom? Disinfect the sponge is a step that many people may don’t do, but it is very important and very quick. In addition to increasing the durability of the sponge, the family need to be protected from various health problems by keeping the sponge clean. Look, there are three ways to keep the sponge clean: Continue reading

How to Organize the Closet for Clothing

Winter is here, and days in the winter are colder than those in other seasons. At the same time, it is time to organize the closet. Actually,  people may expect the day when the winter is over, but doing something could help you enjoy chilly days. For example, you can spend a few minutes on organizing your wardrobe. The benefits of organizing the closet is that save precious time in everyday life as well as earning much more space for your clothes. Is it very worthwhile? Continue reading