How to Choose Electric Planer

The planer is a cutting power tool used for chopping, flattening or take irregularities and roughness of the wood.

Normally they are used in carpentry for leveling and determining the density of parts for manufacturing. It requires a lot of attention to finish the job, because once you turn off the machine, the blade will continue to run for a while.

Depending on your style, the planer can do  from a coarse buffing of a sawn piece to the final sanding. Continue reading

Wall Painting Styles and Techniques

Learn more about the different brushes, rollers and other products that allow beautiful finishes

Painting the wall of the house means to renew the environments and have a brand new home. If you are a professional in the field or will venture this task, be aware that you need to get some brushes, rollers and accessories. But you can rest assured that everything you need is here. In addition to the wide range of products, we offer the lowest prices on the market and facilitate the payment. Check it! Continue reading

Installing Shower Walls Drywall

Get specific accessories to fit in for gypsum drywall structures formed

Opting for drywall walls means faster and without much dirt or physical effort work. Formed by galvanized steel and plasterboard, this structure keeps some secrets to the hydraulic system that goes through it to work properly. One of them is the installation of hydraulic accessories for drywall. Lighter than the parts used in traditional works, these auxiliaries also have specific designs such as holes for fastening with screws. Continue reading

Ways to Make Laundry Easier

I mention here that there are many things that suck our energy even if we realize them. One of them is entering a messy bathroom in the morning. And the worst part is that we’re not always aware of the saddest thing. That’s why I start to pack up my bathroom every night before bed, so I have a quiet night’s sleep and a much nicer morning.

In this period I’ve been grooming the bathroom more often. I have realized that the main source of mess is the laundry, which is curious, because I always have a basket of clothes. I think about what would be the obstacle between me and the 7 seconds needed to put your clothes in the wardrobe. My guess? The lid. I know it sounds silly. Now that you’ve hung some clothes on the chair, is it too lazy of you to open the wardrobe? I got you! Continue reading

Humidifier and Air Purifier At The Same Time

Air conditioners and humidifiers are responsible for the thermal comfort of the spaces.

Dry weather and poor air quality are an invitation to the onset of respiratory problems, allergy symptoms and eye irritation. This condition, in extreme cases, even increases the risks of cardiovascular diseases. To alleviate these hardships and have more pleasant temperatures in the home environment, consider investing in air handling equipment such as the air conditioner and humidifier.

Check out some tips to get the product that best meets their needs and understand the difference between them. Continue reading

Drywall and Finishing for Buildings

If you need to put a divider, lining or coating in your home or office and do not have much time to make a reform, the best option is the drywall.

Known as plasterboard, it is a material that does not need water added at the time of conception, and ensures a quick and clean installation. It also generates a much smaller amount of slag: about 5% compared to other materials. Moreover, the material needs planning before application. Continue reading

Techniques and Tricks Used in Drywall Construction

Learn about the advantages of building model and its main applications.

The works in Brazil gained a new concept with the arrival of drywall twenty years ago. The construction system, called dry wall, consists of profiles (guides and amounts), plasterboard, thermal and acoustic insulation (PET wool, rock or glass), and ribbons for treatment of joints, acoustic band for floor mass to lock and screws. They are screwed into a galvanized steel frame, forming a complete wall – replacing the masonry. Continue reading