Hysterical Pregnancy: Understand Why It Happens And How To Avoid It

The woman has the same symptoms of pregnancy, but the uterus is empty. Learn how to identify and avoid this situation

Absence of menstruation, nausea, weight gain, the volume of breasts and abdomen. These are the main signs that indicate that a woman is pregnant. But are also the symptoms of pregnancy .

The pseudociese (pseudo = false/kyesis = pregnancy), better known as hysterical pregnancy, occurs when the woman, by several psicofisiológicas, presents the same symptoms of pregnancy. “However, the uterus is empty”, highlights the clinical psychologist Andrea Lorena. Continue reading

30 Things You Shouldn’t Say To A Pregnant Woman

Questions and seemingly innocent comments can create situations of discomfort

While many women suffer from criticism for not wanting to get pregnant, others become target of judgments and prejudices during the pregnancy period. Comments and questions for you, may seem innocent and simple expressions of curiosity, can make the woman feel uncomfortable, embarrassed or offended. Continue reading

30 Cute And Creative Ideas To Announce Pregnancy

Check out different ways to report your pregnancy to friends and family with simplicity and delicacy

Pregnancy without doubt is one of the most important moments in the life of a woman. Although the idea of having a son not be the dream of all women, this period is heavily involved in an emotional and delicate aspect, anyway from this moment the woman passes the load and be responsible for another life.

The discovery and the announcement of the pregnancy for Dad, family and friends is the first step to celebrate the new life that is coming, so it should be special. Continue reading

Nutrition for Fertility and Pregnancy

A good supply of nutrients, vitamins and minerals is important even before pregnancy. Because the body must provide already important vitamins such as folic acid in the first weeks after conception in sufficient volume, so at a time, where a woman often not even know she is pregnant.

We have Dr. med. Helmut Mallmann talked about this topic.


Mr. Dr. Mallmann, plays a role in fact the food on the way to the child? Continue reading

Calculation of Gestation (SSW)

If the pregnancy test shows positive and also the blood test at the doctor’s Office has confirmed the pregnancy, it is sure: Wow, I’m pregnant!

But: In which week of pregnancy am I? And how to calculate the proper SSW?

The calculation of the week should be easy. A pregnancy lasts an average 38 weeks or 266 days from the fertilization of the egg to the birth of the baby. What is however rather complicated the thing: hardly anyone can the time of ovulation – and therefore the exact date of fertilization – in hindsight tell exactly. That is why doctors have considered a way out. Continue reading

Pregnancy Test

There are several signs that can indicate a pregnancy. But a pregnancy test as you can get it for example in drugstores gives you a certainty. This common rapid tests tell you within a few minutes, whether you’re expecting a baby.

How does a pregnancy test?

While there are a wide range of pregnancy tests (called also swab test or swift test). But they all follow the same trick work: you respond to a particular hormone in the urine, the HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). Her body makes this hormone only when you are pregnant. Among other things, it stops the process, which usually leads that the lining of the uterus is pushed off after some time and inserts the menstrual. Once the fertilized egg in the uterus has ensconced, HCG production begins. About a week after the HCG in the blood is detectable. Approximately 14 days after the implantation of the egg the hormone HCG in the urine is measurable. Continue reading

Pregnancy – Second Trimester

In the second trimester of the PMD has stabilized the organism, the body is placed on the development of the baby.

For most women, the most relaxing part of nine months begins now. You have to get accustomed to the notion of mother and look forward to the baby.

A period of well-being

In the second section of pregnancy disappear usually the initial complications such as nausea or dizziness. In particular, many women find this second part of the pregnancy as very pleasant. It is also reassuring that the risk has significantly declined a miscarriage. In addition, many pregnant women in the second third feel more balanced and happier. In some women, the pregnancy hormones awaken great powers and they feel around probably. Yet still faster tired be, must notice discomfort when standing or simply more often lie down, you get the rest. Your body tells you conscientiously what he and the baby need. Prepare for one of the most beautiful moments of your pregnancy: your baby’s first movements! First soft and barely noticeable, they sense where it is going and what power it has been from the fifth month very closely. Continue reading

10 Signs That You Are Pregnant…

Women who already have a child, notice the first signs of pregnancy often very early. On the other hand also women who want a baby listen very intently in itself: it has finally worked out..? Has something changed…?

A number of signs of pregnancy may actually indicate that you are expecting a baby – even if it is still not sure to show that is the case. Here are the 10 most common, early signs of pregnancy: Continue reading

Pregnancy – Third Trimester

In the third and final trimester of pregnancy, the body of the baby is almost mature. And large, it only grows and gains weight.

Now begins an arduous time for the mother because her belly is getting bigger and their freedom of movement is severely restricted.

The Sprint begins

The birth date is fast approaching. After a phase of a comparatively relaxed second stage of pregnancy, you must upgrade now for back pain, swollen feet and Bill contractions. Many women yearn just to the end of pregnancy, then finally again alone in her body. Also, most of it are happy to keep this small miracle in the arms, which they have so long been under the heart. Continue reading

Pregnancy – the 1st Trimester

Especially in the first few weeks
and months of pregnancy
many women is bad. Some ask
now that already, as they
next months to survive.

But don’t worry – with-on-progressive development of the babies initial complaints soon recede into the background.

The body turns to

The organs of the embryo are formed in the first trimester. Also develop the head, arms and hands, legs and feet; the nerve cells in the brain form and network. Just in these first three months is the pregnancy at a critical stage. Negative influences such as nicotine, alcohol, medicines or drugs can have great impact on the development of the embryo. Doesn’t show yet the pregnancy the mother, sometimes she doesn’t know yet, that she is pregnant. Continue reading