6 Important Tips For The Woman Who Wants To Get Pregnant

It is very important to follow a healthy diet and taking folic acid

Not always the woman can get pregnant so decides, by the partner, you want to have a baby. And that’s difficult to control the anxiety.

Many couples begin the search of the ways women get pregnant faster. It is common that arise questions as: “are there more suitable positions for pregnancy to occur?”; “is that some foods really make a difference?” etc. Continue reading

Are You Pregnant? See 10 Products And Beauty Treatments That You Should Avoid

To preserve the health of the baby and the mother, the ideal is to read the labels of the products before you start any treatment and always consult your obstetrician

During the 40 weeks of pregnancy may arise many questions in the pregnant woman. Can I dye my hair? Should I continue using my creams usually? What I can and can’t use during pregnancy?

A recent survey found more than 287 toxic substances on the umbilical cord of a newborn. Did you know that many of these substances are present in beauty products used commonly by women and they can seriously compromise fetal formation, and even cause a miscarriage? Continue reading

10 Clothes That Can Be Used During And After Pregnancy

Learn how to reuse the maternity clothes and stay stylish and comfortable with ten key parts.

When a woman gets pregnant, she thinks she will have to buy a new wardrobe, with pieces that can accommodate the belly. However, some clothes that you already have in your closet can be used during pregnancy and others, purchased for use with the belly can be used later.

All parts that pregnant women have to before pregnancy can be used during the gestational period, since taking into account their modeling. For the image consultant, Shradhdha Teixeira, the important thing is that the pregnant woman is comfortable in first place. Continue reading

How To Calculate Your Fertile Period

This is the time of the menstrual cycle in which becomes more likely the fertilization of the egg by the sperm and therefore pregnancy.

May seem obvious and simple, but finding out when this fertile period is still a dilemma for many women – both for those who want to get pregnant as soon as possible, as for those that still want to avoid having a baby at the time.

Other women to know, more or less, calculate your fertile period occurs, but few know about it. Continue reading

Pregnancy Test: Learn What Kind Appeal To Take Your Questions

Know what are the principal means used to detect a pregnancy before the appearance of the first signs or a suspicion

The delay menstruation in women with regular cycles, is the first sign of suspected pregnancy. But, it is worth noting, there are several noticeable clinical signs for the woman, as pain in breasts, darkening of the areola, bloating, drowsiness, mood changes, which allow the suspicion of pregnancy even before the absence of menstruation. Continue reading

Cytomegalovirus In Pregnancy: What Is It And What Risks The Problem Gives The Baby

Most of the infected people does not present any symptoms, but CMV deserves attention and care

It is common for the woman, as soon as you find out you’re pregnant, spend worrying about the health of your baby. After all, you want to ensure that pregnancy occurs in the best possible way, without complications, and that the child is born totally healthy.

Many women end up hearing about, first, the Cytomegalovirus only at this stage of life and, therefore, it is common type concerns arise: what exactly is Cytomegalovirus? What risks he offers in pregnancy?Is there treatment? Below you know the answers to this and other questions about the matter. Continue reading

How To Find Out The Sex Of The Baby: Meet All Available Methods

Ultrasound and examination of maternal blood are the most commonly used clinical methods for that, but there are even homemade techniques that promise to find out the sex of the baby

It’s a boy or a girl? After confirming that the woman is definitely pregnant, it is very common to parents waiting anxiously to discover the sex of the baby.

There are exceptions, but these days, there are few couples who prefer to wait for the time of delivery to satisfy curiosity about it.

The confirmation on the sex of the baby will determine many important points as, for example, the name, the details of the hope chest, room decoration, besides, of course, be linked to the plans that parents have in relation to the child who will be born! Continue reading