Haircuts For Pregnant Women Should Unite Style And Practicality

Experts give tips to keep the strands beautiful during pregnancy without harming the baby’s health

It is true that the human body undergoes constant changes throughout life, but the gestation period of a woman leaves this fact even more evident. In addition to the more obvious changes, like the increase in the womb and breasts, the hormonal variation and levels of vitamins also causes changes in the skin and hair of the mother-to-be. Continue reading

Prenatal: Essential Preparation For The Arrival Of The Baby

Know what are the main examinations throughout gestation and clarify your doubts on the subject.

Not many people are aware of it, but, unfortunately, not all pregnant women carry out prenatal care. As much as the subject is quite commented, some people don’t understand the importance of closely monitoring the evolution of pregnancy and only seek a doctor when the pregnancy is well advanced or when delivery is near. Continue reading

As Each Baby Position Influences The Type Of Delivery

Know what are the positions that the baby can adopt in the womb and understand how each influences the time of childbirth.

Have you heard that the baby might be in a wrong position to be born? While there is indeed a “wrong” position, there are Yes postures that can make natural childbirth more complicated or even positions a caesarean is required. However, the most common is that most pregnant women are able to have a natural childbirth, since babies often adopt the best posture for that until the moment of birth. Continue reading

Planned Pregnancy: What To Think And Do Before You Decide To Have A Baby

You need to assess financial conditions and the physical space, for example, in addition to being prepared to face reviews

Regardless of whether you have been planned or have been discovered at a time when the couple still did not expect, pregnancy is a time of magic and transformations – not only for pregnant women, but for the entire family involved. Continue reading

Learn About The Pros And Cons Of Using The Post Partum Girdle

The item offers more security for the woman to perform everyday activities, however, did not help the abdomen back au naturel more quickly

The post partum belt is one of the items that is usually present in the list of items that the woman take to motherhood. The function of this strap is in providing more comfort on post partum recovery. “Help in the reduction of swelling and provides comfort and safety for women, especially in the cases post cesarean section, making them more comfortable to walk and perform other daily activities,” explains the physiotherapist Mayra Padua Gatti. Continue reading

Natural Childbirth: A Realistic With Everything You Need To Know From Pre To Post Partum

It is essential that the woman discover the benefits of this type of delivery, both with regard to your recovery and the health of the baby.

These days, it seems essential to rescue the importance of natural childbirth, whereas, in Brazil, more than 50% of childbirth are by cesarean section, and there are still many doubts and even myths on the subject.

There are cases and cases, but every woman should consider, firstly, is that the normal delivery is the best option for her and the baby; or at least he contemplated that possibility and inform yourself on the subject. Continue reading

Postpartum Diet

Professionals talk about appropriate food to meet the needs of the baby and help the woman to return to the weight prior to pregnancy

Eating well should be a concern at all stages of a person’s life, however, in the post partum period, this topic deserves even more attention. It is worth noting that the quality of women’s power is extremely important before becoming pregnant, and during pregnancy and after childbirth, by directly affect not only her health, but also that of your son. Continue reading

How To Conceive A Boy?

The main guideline is that sexual intercourse occurs near ovulation or even after it

Very couple, or already have a girl at home, or simply by having this common dream, want to have a son. And there are several superstitions that promise to help you determine the sex of the baby, however, none of them have a convincing explanation and not scientific proof. Continue reading

Homemade Pregnancy Tests: Are They Reliable?

No guarantee of effectiveness, they work more generally to reduce the anxiety of women

There are women who are eagerly awaiting confirmation that really are expecting a baby, especially when you are trying to get pregnant for a long time. Many others, however, are taken by surprise with the possibility of being pregnant-sometimes because I have other children or, simply, why not consider the ideal time for the arrival of a new Member in the family. Continue reading