Heat Wave Drives It Equipment In The Red Zone

On hot summer days, the work is not just us people more difficult, but also the IT hardware. With our tips, you protect Smartphone, Tablet, notebook, PC, server, network storage, monitor, printer and other equipment from overheating.

Man, that is hot! At temperatures above about 30 degrees Celsius, many IT devices operate on the edge of their specification. Many are designed for operation at temperatures of maximum 35 degrees Celsius, as about Apple expressly stated. Although the devices at still higher temperatures usually do not simply fall out, but they expect possibly slower.

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LG Will Not Close Gaping Security Hole In Smartphones

Since November, LG knows that all of its Android mobile phones easily infect settle with spy software. But eliminate one wants the problem apparently only for the new models, Hungarian researchers report.

Researchers of the Budapest University of technology and economics have established that LGs Android phones have a dangerous security problem, the attacker can download any malicious code and spying apps on the phone. You have informed the manufacturer, but LG will fix this problem appears only in new devices.

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Tried: Lensbaby mobile LM-10

2 The Lensbaby mobile LM-10 is a special lens for adventurous Smartphone photographer and comes with its own app. We looked at the sweet-spot push lens.

Experimental photographers go back the special sweet spot of Lensbaby lenses. In the case of the Lensbabys, the sweet spot is the area in the picture that is really sharp as the only one. This sharpness is less and less

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OnePlus X Smartphone

OnePlus sold now also a mid-range Smartphone: the OnePlus X Onyx 270 euros-and is available only to a limited extent as the OnePlus 2.

OnePlus has begun the sale of its mid-range smartphones OnePlus X Onyx. The 5-inch Smartphone will cost 270 euros and should be available today; However, it is almost exclusively an invitation-based system available – as already in the OnePlus published a few months ago 2.

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Java Oracle OpenJDK

Oracle probably supports a mobile version of OpenJDK, which explicitly targets the iOS, Android platforms and also Windows 10 for mobile devices.

How the website InfoQ report, Oracle has proposed a project to bring the OpenJDK on Smartphones and tablets. The open-source version of Java
should explicitly be optimized for iOS, Android, and Windows. Oracle wants itself significantly contribute to the project according to the report.

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Cell Phone Addiction Research

If you have none, is out. But smartphones put children and young people under the stress of communication. A recent study points to the risks of excessive cell phone use- and warns of a risk of addiction.

Smartphones put children under stress. This emerges from a study by researchers of the University of Mannheim. Each fourth of respondents 8-to 14-year old stated to feel stressed by the permanent communication via

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Apple Smartphone Cost

Head of Internet services of the iPhone manufacturer has announced that Apple is working on a high external costs for Smartphone use. He even did the problem.

Apparently, Apple wants to move mobile network operators to reduce the still often high roaming charges. Like Eddy Cue, for Internet services and iTunes competent senior Vice President at the group, in an interview with

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With The Smartphone On Mud Party

Heavy rain, puddles and mud damaging the Smartphone. A few tips show how to protect its smartphone from water or help if it once fell into the water.

Summer heat, muddy surroundings and much scramble: Festivals are the ideal place to listen to loud music, to dance and to lose his Smartphone. Fate hits a hard, it ends up in the mud and water from penetrating. A dangerous situation for Smartphones that will survive but with some tips.

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