Recycled Evening Dresses

Today Perrine giving you tips to recycle your best cocktail in your daily outfits dresses!

In our closets, there is often a pretty dress that comes out only for special occasions: embroidered white lace of beads, plunging backless, petticoat in tule, …except the birthday, communion or weddings, this little beauty do generally not often see the light of day. And that’s a shame because that saw its price, it deserves to go out more than once in the closet, and she is still very beautiful the matron.

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HTC One A9: Orange France Confirms the Price of 599 €

HTC One A9 is likely now to go to increase the ranks of smartphones formalized without major surprises, since everything or much has already been unveiled by leak before the official presentation. To further expand the already rich framework of rumors on the device operates the online store operator Orange France -certainly not one shop of dubious reliability.

No particular care that the smartphone has not yet been presented, Orange has already published two product sheets for the version with silver and gray shell of HTC One A9. The cards are complete with all the relevant details, including certain technical features -do you for example reference to Android 6.0 preinstalled, 5 “front and rear cam FullHD, 4MP 13MP -rendering extremely clear and price, even without binding contract. Continue reading

How to Choose Leather Leggings

Today I will show you three of my mispurchases and tips on how you avoid a bad buy.


Leather leggings, sneakers Wedges or thick fur jackets are not made ​​for each. I myself wanted a year ago reflect this Isabel Marant wedges have and who has not worn them in the end? I! They simply did not to me. Perhaps it was also because of the color that was beige. Even a faux leather leggings I have at home. Had to be somehow grad was in, but who does not wear? I, of course. These are two of my ever mispurchases that I could have prevented. The question is: Fits this trend to me? Can I identify myself with it? And I feel comfortable with my legs in leather leggings? The answer was definitely no. From this I have definitely learned.

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QiKU Land at First “Unboxing”

The joint venture between Qihoo 360, a company specializing in software development, and the Chinese manufacturer Coolpad was born the QiKU Network Technologies. QiKU Earth is the first “flagship” of this new company announced last August and is close to coming to market.

Features of a true top of the range for this smartphone based on Android OS and OS 360 interface which offers the user a wide range of customization, high performance, low power consumption and promises enhanced security. Continue reading

7 Myths About Bras

If they hear of all the colors on our inseparable undergarment, which is why we wanted to debunk seven of the most common myths
Bra, myths and legends
There are those who willingly lets him in the drawer, who can not get out without, those who even at night brings, it is the bra, inseparable companion, able to give you the right “support” as only a true friend can do. Yet there are a number of legends about this particular item of clothing that are confusing to even the most skilled women in the field. We have identified seven myths and we dispelled them for you with the help of some experts in the field, so that you can sleep good night’s rest, with or without your bra on! Continue reading

Galaxy 5, New (Weak) Items on Arrival in Europe in Early 2016

Samsung has launched a when booking your Galaxy 5 in Ukraine. The 32 GB version will sell the equivalent of about 800 euros and will be available in black and gold. At present, there are 64GB version information. Being reserved by 28 October you will receive a free battery.

They return to feed the hopes of those disappointed by Samsung commercial policy regarding its new flagship phablet, the Galaxy 5. As we know, the company decided not to market it in Europe (but we reviewed and analyzed the same), and declared afterwards that changes of direction were not expected in the immediate future. Continue reading

Tips on Wearing Swimsuits

If in the lingerie Department, the string has more the coast, on the beach there is definitely out. So should you dare… or not the sexy swimsuit?

Madam is served at 8: 00 on 6, registration for College by Minitel, the tang to orange and now the strings at the beach: it is final, the best things are lost. NFIS. Maybe you didn’t know it then it’s full of emotion that.

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