TicTalk: the First Instant Messenger Designed for Android Wear

Chat with your instant messenger with the smartwatch doesn’t seem particularly easy, given the small size that displays. But if the problem was simply that it has not yet been conceived a client optimized? So here comes into play TicTalk (which, apparently, was called with a much more allusorio Watchup), the first messenger designed specifically for Android Wear smart watches, in particular.

In TicTalk is precisely the form of communication to be different from the classic text chat: for example, users can send each other emoji, quick sentences preloaded, and various types of data due to symbiosis with your smartphone (GPS position, your phone number, etc) and integrated sensors directly in the watch (including heartbeats). Also interesting is the ability to send Digital Touch, some sort of “poke” in salsa smartwatch, which will vibrate the device in real time. Continue reading

Sharp Introduces New Aquos xx2 in Japan

When it comes to Sharp-branded smartphone, come immediately to mind its practically-free displays of screen frame on three sides, so many colors and excellent technical characteristics. The new Aquos xx2 is no exception, falls into the medium-high range by adopting good SoC Snapdragon 808 while combining size rather display content from 4.7 “with Sharp style frames.

Already defined the direct competitor of Xperia Z5 Compact from the Japanese press, followed by the full specification. Continue reading

Shoes for Your Body Type

And if our favorite sneakers could put our figure? Here are a few precepts to follow to find the perfect pair, history to highlight her body even in sportswear.

Comfortable and stylish, the sneakers have become our new obsession mode. Ideal for a chic and casual look, we have simply want to wear every day and this, whatever the occasion. So, they follow us everywhere, even after a fitness session, whether for an afternoon shopping, a night at the restaurant or even a day at the office. And even if also often wear, so choose a pair that flatters our silhouette as possible. Little guide to find one that suits us best.

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Chameleon Color Adapting LWP

Chameleon Color Adapting LWP is exactly as described by the title. A Live Wallpaper that changes the background color according to the surrounding environment, just like a chameleon, using the frame of the camera.

So incredibly amazing, aiming the camera, for example, on a wooden wall, the colors of your homescreen will resume the same hue and so on. This Live Wallpaper allows you to spice up your home screen based on what surrounds you. Everything happens in real time, without slowdowns and above all without impacting too much on battery life. Continue reading

New Images for BlackBerry Priv

UPDATE: we add three more images of the device, a user on Reddit has got to take a few minutes during a brief hands-on with the device. The impressions were very good, among other things; hit especially the extreme thinness, lower even than the Samsung Galaxy 5 Notes that for a device that has a physical keyboard is already a result. Keyboard slide mechanism, by the way, seems very solid and stable. User experience seems smooth and free from lag, even though the camera seemed a bit sluggish in focusing (in a hotel room with low lighting and unfinished software, don’t expect much more).

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Plus Size Skirt Length

Although the internet is a gold mine of information, you can quickly feel overwhelmed by too much full of information without knowing what really concerns us. For fashion is the same, television is full of shows such as for example the Queens of shopping with Cristina Cordula, but in the end what does it really hold? To make easier the task we have prepared a little guide that will let you know what great skirt length size is adapted to your morphology.

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ComScore Data: Apple Vs Android

ComScore has released data about the spread of smartphones and mobile operating systems in the US market in the third quarter of 2015. Starting with the large numbers, customers who use a smartphone on American soil are well 191.1 million, with a market penetration equal to77.1% of the population.

Data analysis, reflect in the three tables below, we can see that Apple is still the top producer in the U.S. with a market share of 44.1%, an increase of 0.6 percentage points compared with the previous quarter. Continue reading