Samsung Galaxy Tab Official S2: Thinner And Productivity (Photos)

The advertisement was now in the air after the intensification of leaks in recent days and arrived during the early hours of the night: Samsung announced the two new series Galaxy Tab tablet S2, i.e. 9.7 8.0 and Galaxy Tab Galaxy Tab S2 S2. The Korean company EC presents them as tablet dedicated to reading and productivity, much to include Word, Excel and PowerPoint pre-installed, 2,048 x 1,536 thanks to screen resolution, 4:3 aspect ratio.

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Galaxy Tab 3 Details

In spite of the many announcements of new devices made by Samsung lately, culminating in the event tomorrow in London, details on the price of various products have never been officially disclosed, and so we have to somewhat make do as it happens, in this case based on the digits of a pre-order coming from Holland, and affecting only the Wi-Fi version of the three new Galaxy Tab.

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IDC Android Market Share

I’m a bit mixed on the tablet market data coming from the various credit bureaus: a week ago we reported that Android was reaching Apple, with the two separated by just 4.8% in advantage of the Apple; According to IDC instead the scenario is quite different. Android is the undisputed leader of the tablet market, with a 56.5% of market share, compared to 39.6% of Apple. This was possible due to a growth of robot from year to year surprising, which resulted in 3 and a half times the number of units shipped, compared to Q1 2012. Even Apple has not been watching, increasing volumes of 65.3%, but not quite precisely to contain the rise of Android. Significant in its own way, even the + 700% Windows, which basically started from scratch, and now ranks in third place, but far from the first two steps of the podium.

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Galaxy Tab 3

The last week we have spoken for the first time by a third generation of Samsung tablet: marketing dates were already known of the two versions from 7 “, in particular, is scheduled for this month the arrival of Wi-Fi-only version, as one would expect for June edition equipped with a module 3 g.

Now come new, spicy news regarding availability of other models and prices. Talking about the presence of Samsung tablet on the shelves of our old continent, SamMobile has received interesting information that would confirm the presence of different models: Galaxy Tab 7 “, 8” and 10.1 “, with or without 3 g and with 8 or 16 GB of internal memory. Marketing dates provided below (the w is the number of the week: w19 eg is the current one, the w23 began on June 3, etc.):

  • SM-T2100ZWA *** – White – w19 – GALAXY Tab 3 (7.0) 8 GB Wi-Fi
  • SM-T2110ZWA *** – White – w24 – GALAXY Tab 3 (7.0) 8 GB 3 g
  • SM-T3100ZWA *** – White – w23 – GALAXY Tab 3 (8.0) 16 GB Wi-Fi
  • SM-T3110ZWA *** – White – w25 – GALAXY Tab 3 (8.0) 16 GB 3 g
  • GT-P5200ZWA *** – White – w26 – GALAXY Tab 3 (10.1) 16 GB 3 g
  • GT-P5210ZWA *** – White – w23 – GALAXY Tab 3 (10.1) 16 GB Wi-Fi

If you can’t wait to get to know the latest Tab that, judging from these figures, should arrive in the coming weeks, maybe we should mitigate your enthusiasm since the first information on costs ahead of the devices rather salty. In fact, although there are no official launch prices, yet in one store German Galaxy Tab 3 to 7 “made in advance are anything but cheap: 429 eurosfor the 8 GB, WiFi-only model 459 euros for the 3 g version with same capacity, 459 euros for the 16 GB WiFi only version and 489 euro for the counterpart with 3 g.

We sincerely hope that the Teutonic cousins were wrong, as the prices are definitely out of the market; with the benefit of the doubt we refer so any new information in official communications from Samsung: considering the expected dates, there will still be a lot to expect.