2-in-1 Chromebook

Google is preparing a new Chromebook to combine the best of two worlds: an Android tablet and Chromebook with Chrome OS. The new device, manufactured by Quanta Computer, could be presented already next month, with a commercial launch later this summer, even though there are those who are extra cautious with their dates, while always remaining in 2015.

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Considering that the Google I/O will be held on 28-29, is not to be excluded that an innovation so important can be the subject of the Conference itself, with a launch at that point may be immediate, or after the summer, maybe trying to make back to school.

The idea seems to be that of a tablet with Android which forms part of an appropriate keyboard dock, you make the switch to Chrome OS, along the lines of some ASUS Transformer. How Google wants to go in there with the synergy between the two OS is still to be seen: Chrome OS has already been “contaminated” by some Android apps, but the very fact that you think of a 2-in-1 device indicates that though the two systems have their own identity, although this could promote the Android development via Chrome OS recent commits, as they think.

However they are all hypotheses, based in part on a source that has not always been reliable, then we will wait stricter ads before making their way to gold.