10 Signs That You Are Pregnant…

Women who already have a child, notice the first signs of pregnancy often very early. On the other hand also women who want a baby listen very intently in itself: it has finally worked out..? Has something changed…?

A number of signs of pregnancy may actually indicate that you are expecting a baby – even if it is still not sure to show that is the case. Here are the 10 most common, early signs of pregnancy:

Indicator 1: If the rule does

The most likely signs that you are might actually be pregnant, is, of course, a menstrual period lack of. If your menstruation is otherwise regularly, and you suspect now due to the unusually long failure of the rule that you are expecting a baby, it’s time to take a pregnancy test . If he is positive, sure you know what you are.

Indicator 2: A slight implantation bleeding

However it can sometimes also when a pregnancy has occurred to an apparent menstrual period: If settles the fertilized egg from the 5th day after fertilisation in the lining of the uterus, it bleeds sometimes a little, because when the implantation of fine blood vessels of the uterus “tapped”. This Einnistungs – or nidation bleeding looks like an early onset and unusually weak menstruation, often only consists of droplets or light streaks and is more red than Brown. A sure sign of pregnancy is not such a bleeding but, because she can be reached for other reasons.

Indicator 3: Fatigue, which is one not used

During pregnancy, your body with great hormonal changes. Therefore just at the beginning of pregnancy, many women notice that they feel more tired. Main cause is probably the progesterone. This already in the early stage of pregnancy by the corpus luteum in the ovary formed hormone helps to maintain the pregnancy, by it on the entire, smooth muscles of the body (this also includes the uterus) has a relaxing effect. If you have the feeling so constantly, prefer to sleep an hour could be also the indicative.

Indicator 4: Cravings from the blue

Sudden cravings – sometimes on very specific or unusual food – is considered almost proverbial signs of pregnancy. Some women are looking for now from morning till night – and even at night – time and again for something “Edible”. However, there are also many other reasons for unusual giant appetite or the “run” on the fridge. Stress, for example, or simply a change of air travel. Cravings alone are therefore no proof that you are pregnant.

Sign 5: Can you feel an unusual nausea in the morning?

At least as famous notorious as the cravings: The nausea that expectant mothers can plague primarily in the early hours of the morning – from light to heavy – especially in the first weeks of pregnancy.

The hormonal change of the body is also responsible for the morning nausea . Also an increased sugar levels tend to which many women during pregnancy is suspected.

Signs 6: Headaches and dizziness

At the beginning of pregnancy, many women suffer headaches and dizziness. Both are also on the hormonal change due to, which also has an impact on the circulation and blood pressure fluctuations can bring with it. Of course, there’s also plenty other reasons for headaches and dizziness, which is why just these two complaints does not necessarily include the safe pregnancy signs.

Indicator 7: Are you geruchsempfindlich?

Other women find surprised that they are unusually geruchsempfindlich or suddenly. This can affect appetite – but negative. At the same time you feel no more on food and drinks, you always want. Expectant mothers for example often notice that the beloved coffee smells you now simply too much and no longer tastes.

Some women also suddenly respond to the smell of certain spices with rejection, or can they literally “no longer smell.”

Indicator 8: Frequent urge to urinate

Also because the hormones involved again: already 24 hours after fertilization, the body of HCG produces (short for ‘human chorionic gonadotropin’). This hormone, called the “Pregnancy hormone”, among other things ensures that the uterine lining does not like or after a certain time will be rejected. It causes but also a more frequent urination as a “Side effect”.

Indicator 9: Are your breasts unusually sensitive?

Similar in certain phases of the menstrual cycle, your breasts will also respond to the hormonal changes of pregnancy. At the beginning, you can feel slightly heavier or fuller and tension, so that contacts can be really unpleasant. May observe also that your nipples are a total full and the breast areolas look darker. Signs of pregnancy can be both. Some women notice also a recurrent itching on the breasts.

Signs 10: Do you have a raised temperature in the morning?

If you regularly measure your temperature to become pregnant or to prevent naturally: your body temperature is over increased after waking (basal body temperature or up awake temperature) permanently for 16-18 days you are most likely pregnant.

Have you noticed some of the above signs of pregnancy with him…? Most are consequences of physical, hormonal change that begins 24 hours after fertilization. The more when you apply, the higher is the likelihood that you actually a pregnancy has adjusted and a baby “is on the way”.