10 Mistakes We Make Men Buy Pants

Am I the only one who thinks that buying pants is one of our major decisions? I can buy a shirt, jacket or shoes and came to the store and decide depending on taste, but it is buy pants makes me very nervous and brings me more undecided.

I give you returns to the cut, the color, if it is a cowboy to wash (worn) who has, to the waist and the model itself, i.e., if it is skinny, straight or wide. Still, even if you look at it, it is perhaps the garment that most cost me to take me home, what am I doing wrong? Today analyze the 10 mistakes we make men buy pants.

1.-the test

Not to fool you with tricks from Grandma, that measure your waist with your arm, wrap your top of the pants on the neck and other popular legends does not always work. It seems that We are afraid to go to the tester and actually see how we have. There is life beyond the shop ordering the piles of clothing. Who will be behind the mirror?

and when we buy online…

This more than our error, is an error of the brands. Why what he calls a “Joseph” another decides to put “Pepe”? You see fantastic trousers that metro Nordic nineties that model and like to wear those pants, between us we can test do not and that we do not control the size… There is no who buy it. But at the end we add it to our cart and had the card! Well-deserved is our face of disappointment when it arrives.

Conclusion, we need to do a master’s degree in industrial design and pants.

3.-we got used to a model and there is no who we take out of it

Surely many when you read this article do not feel at all identified, but I do not know if you you think that when we feel comfortable with a type of trousers in particular and give much use there who we remove him and as much as someone to tell us that we try another, we determined that no.

4.-do not we got to be clear about what we feel is best

Each one has a different body and although the model Ultra skinny jeans it becomes your friend, perhaps to us we favour more straighter one. The same goes to the contrary, I do not understand how there are still men who scared skinny pants.

5.-we are too practical and sometimes it is not the best choice

I have an important dinner, want more formal trousers, I bought them and now baptize them as “the formal trousers for important occasions”. Sure you have many pants that can be diverted at other times of the day and you can combine them with a more casual or sporty style.

6.-store mirrors cheat

I wish I have those wonderful mirrors that put us in the big chains, which have some trick to encourage consumption. It is well that scale us a bit but We can not go through life clinging to those mirrors. If you see that they feel you very well, it is time to let them.

7.-us scared that out of denim

In the world of pants there is other tissues very attractive to them that they should give them a chance. And say but if I also have Chinese type pants! We still have a way to go. Fight, fight, fight, friend in the battle of the pants.

8.-question of measures

And look what the thing is simple. I personally you are in the hip, I find it very uncomfortable to wear trousers as well and me over no favors at all. Those who are more short people, recommended is that we look for pants that are us more towards the waist. It will make us seem higher (Although everything is a lie).

9.-we always seek the cheapest and…

And it is not that I spent me a fortune on clothes, but I checked that as this campaign that you repeat all the time on TV, at the end “the cheap is expensive” and of course, have to be buying you every month a safe new pants that does not make us very much. If we spend more money on other items Why not invest in some quality trousers? (not having because mean brand).

10.-do not we are clear where to buy them

Surely there’s a store out there that have the perfect pants by cutting both the style, but we have not even entered to look at because we are consumers relaxed and faithful. I have clear that Zara is where to find both the tone as the model that I feel better but I like to try other sites. Do you have it clear?

What do you think? How many errors that you see here make?